Murals for Rob Stewart


Since 2014, PangeaSeed Foundation has collaborated with over 200 artists to paint nearly 300 Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans murals in 12 countries, highlighting some of the most pressing marine environmental issues of our time.

Through Dakuwaqa Project, we intend to dedicate future works to Rob Stewart, highlighting his pioneering efforts in the realm of marine conservation.

If you would like to sponsor the creation a Dakuwaqa tribute mural in your own community, please reach out to us here.


Here is a look at what we have done so far:


Artist statement coming soon

Tristan Eaton
Venice, California
February, 2018


Photos by Tre' Packard

"In celebration of the life and legacy of Rob Stewart we wanted to pull inspiration from his esteemed body of work. We assembled a peaceful underwater scene with use of his actual photography and film still frames. Torontonians are all accustomed to the urban environment or “concrete jungle” that Rob grew up in. As was customary with Rob’s work we wanted to ‘break down a wall’ to reveal the beauty that inspired him. By using the trompe l’oeil effect we created a literal window into Rob’s world and a glimpse into his soul."

See full recap of the activation here

Birdo and GETSO
Toronto, CA
September 2017


Photos by Tre' Packard

Freeman White
Napier, New Zealand
March 2017

"Sharks are greatly misunderstood and often portrayed in a negative way yet they are in fact beautiful and graceful animals.

I wish to engage the viewer with a powerful and beautiful image and make them think about sharks as an essential part of the ecosystem. Shark conservation is an important topic as sharks are swiftly becoming endangered largely due to shark finning which is a global issue.

I included a quote of Rob's - "Conservation is the preservation of human life on Earth" - and opted to paint a mural that portrays the shark as a powerful majestic creature.


Photographs by Tre' Packard


Jose Mertz
Miami, FL
February 2017

"I wanted to capture the strength, flow and power of the ocean by doing a monotone linear piece that had no preconcieved thought. The work is also a commemoration to the late Rob Stewart who selflessly dedicated his life to the ocean, its exploration, educating others on its importance and saving misunderstood species, such as sharks, from extinction."


Photographs by Tre' Packard