Through Dakuwaqa Project, we are pledging to paint a series of public murals around the globe to keep the voice and legacy of Rob Stewart alive.  


Through the development of his two films, Sharkwater and Revolution, Rob uncovered the horrific reality of our current environmental destruction and the risk it presents to human survival. In Rob’s 2012 book Save The Humans, he explains the dire situation:

“ We are currently facing the greatest challenge ever put before humanity. Carbon emissions, deforestation, ocean acidification, climate change, soil erosion, desertification, mass extinctions, pollution, overpopulation, food scarcity - these are just some of the problems we haven’t come close to adequately addressing. If trends continue, by 2048, when every single fishery and most of the rainforest is predicted to be gone, there will be 9 billion people on the planet. 40-50% of people will not have access to enough safe drinking water, and 20% won’t have enough food. Affordable oil and energy will be a thing of the past and millions will have been displaced by rising sea levels, desertification and agricultural failure. The environmental movement is no longer about hugging trees and saving pandas, it’s a fight for basic human survival.”  

Murals allow for low cost, highly trafficked and impactful means of communicating to the masses, and Rob had intended on using this medium to share this urgency with the world. To bring our collective mission to life, The Dakuwaqa project is raising funds via art sales and donations, with all contributions going directly into mural and event production.


What does a mural cost?

Depending on the size of a wall and permits required, a mural can cost between $3-10k to purchase paint, rent lifts, acquire permits and provide food to the volunteer talent. Wherever possible we will also pay the artists for their contribution as we believe this is an important component to keeping street art alive.