In 2018, The Dakuwaqa Project has pledged to install five murals in cities around the globe, each unveiled with a local celebration to raise maximum awareness of the environmental issues portrayed.

To make this possible, we need your support.

Together, we can make our communities—and by extension, our planet—more beautiful and sustainable for years to come.


Why Public Art?

Public art is transformational. It transcends culture and language. It stands out and beautifies mundane spaces and is available to all. Through murals we can remind urbanites of the natural world that supports us —so long as we take the steps to protect it.

PangeaSeed’s SeaWalls program uses public art to translate facts into visual stories that increase awareness and cause action. Since the program's inception in 2014, PangeaSeed has created nearly 300 murals in 12 countries across the globe. The Dakuwaqa Project is an extension of this movement, dedicated to ensuring Rob Stewart’s legacy not only lives on, but continues to grow. See what The Dakuwaqa Project has done so far.



What does it cost?

Depending on the size of a wall and the permits required, a single mural can cost up to $10,000. This includes paint, equipment, permits, and production costs such as travel, food, and lodging for artists that are donating their time*.

The live event is also an important component, as it provides a platform from which to inspire continued action towards saving the planet and humankind from a seemingly inevitable and unfortunate fate. At a minimum, events require donations in the form of venue, audio/visual equipment, refreshments, entertainment, and/or funding.

In total, we expect to require $15,000 per activation in the form of donations or sponsorship. 

* When possible, we will offer a steipend to the artists for their contribution as this is an important element in sustaining a creative economy.


Shop and Support

Select from one of the 9 tiers below and receive a gift of thanks for helping us spread Rob's message in 2018.


Tier 1 - $25

We will give you early access to all of our public events in 2018 AND list you as a contributor on our site


Tier 2 - $50

Tier 1 reward + One limited edition mini art print (5x7 inch) 


Tier 3 - $75

Tier 1 reward + Set of three limited edition mini art prints (5x7 inch)


Tier 4 - $100

Tier 1 reward + Kinsey T-Shirt


Tier 5 - $150

Tier 1 reward + One pair of leggings (featuring the artwork of Marko Manev or Caia Koopman)


Tier 6 - $250

Tier 1 reward + Choose from one of the three numbered limited edition fine art prints 18x24 inches (Dave Kinsey, Brad Klausen, Marko Manev)


Tier 7 - $500

Tier 1 reward + Caia Koopman limited edition numbered fine art print 20x30 inches


Tier 8 - $750

Tier 1 reward + Complete print suite including all four limited edition numbered prints (Dave Kinsey, Brad Klausen, Marko Manev and Caia Koopman)


Tier 9 - $1,000

Tier 1 reward + Complete print suite including all four limited edition numbered prints (Dave Kinsey, Brad Klausen, Marko Manev and Caia Koopman) plus one of the three existing Dakuwaqa murals limited edition fine art prints 18x24 inches (Miami, New Zealand, Toronto)